Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Rochester. 1. A city, parliamentary borough (one member), and port on the Medway, and adjoining Chatham, is 29 miles S.E. of London. Rochester proper is on the right bank of the river, and a bridge connects it with Stroud. Rochester itself is enclosed on three sides by the river, and consists of one broad street, leading S.S.E. to Chatham, and contains some old houses. The cathedral, begun 604, is varied in style, and has a Norman west front and Early English crypt. The fine old castle keep, 70feet broad and 104feet high, forms a striking feature. Near it are pleasant recreation grounds. The grammar school, town hall, and dock-house are worthy of notice. Shipbuilding is an important industry, and there is a good trade in coal and oysters. Charles Dickens has identified himself with Rochester, and it enters into many of his books. 2. The capital of Monroe county, New York, on the Genesee, seven miles from Lake Ontario, has some important manufactures, which are aided by the water-power given by 268 feet of fall. There is a great cataract of 96 feet fall. The Erie Canal is carried over the river by an aqueduct, and the New York Central Railway passes through the town.