Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Richard III

Richard III. (1450-1485) was the son of the Duke of York and brother of Edward IV., and in his 11th year was made Duke of Gloucester and Lord High Admiral. He was present at the battle of Tewkesbury, and went to the French war in 1475, and headed the Scotch expedition of 1482. His cruel inclinations were developed early, and he was suspected of the murder of Prince Edward and of Henry VI., and certainly caused the death of his brother, the Duke of Clarence, in 1478. When Edward IV. died Richard treacherously caused his nephews to be sent to the Tower, where he afterwards had them murdered, declaring that they were illegitimate. In 1483 he was proclaimed king, was conspired against by Buckingham, Richmond, and others, whom he in most cases sent to the scaffold, and on August 22nd, 1485, was killed at the battle of Boswortb. He was the last of the Plantagenets.