Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Richard II

Richard II. (1366-1417?) was the son of Edward the Black Prince and Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent, and became Prince of Wajes after his father's death in 1376, succeeding his grandfather, Edward III., in 1377. During the early years of his reign various rebellions and conspiracies arose, notably Wat Tyler's. In 1382 he married the estimable Princess Anne of Bohemia, and in 1386 was temporarily deposed by his ambitious uncles, Gloucester and Lancaster. He again assumed power, however, in 1389, and banished Gloucester. In 1394 his queen died, and two years later he espoused Isabella of France, then only seven years of age, and concluded' the war with France which had been raging. Both marriage and truce were unpopular, and Gloucester, who was assisting in the formation of another rebellion, was put to death. Lancaster, however, with the aid of other nobles, forced him to resign the crown, and according to some accounts he was murdered in Pontefract Castle. Others state that he fled to Scotland and lived there till about 1417.