Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Rent is an annual or other periodical return (usually money) made by a tenant to the landlord in consideration of the occupancy of lands or tenements. There are several kinds of rents; the following are some of them: - (1) Rent Service, so called because it has some corporeal service incident to it as at the least fealty. (2) Rent Charge, where the owner has no future interest or reversion in the land. (3) Fee Farm Rent, one issuing out of an estate in fee, of at least one-quarter of the value of the land at the time of its reservation. (4) Quit Rents, because thereby the tenant goes quit and free of all services. (5) Rack Rent is a rent of the full annual value of the land or tenement or near thereto.

Rent is not due till midnight of the day upon which it is reserved, although sunset is the time appointed by law to make a proper demand of it, to take advantage of a condition of re-entry, or to tender it, in order to avoid a forfeiture; but, more properly speaking, the demand should be made before sunset, so as to allow sufficient light to count the money, and the person making the demand must remain on the land till the sun has set.

Rent is of a higher nature than ordinary debts and can be distrained for. [Distress.]