Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ragwort (Senecio Jacobaea), a very handsome British member of the order Compositae (q.v.), a common weed belonging to the same genus as the rayless groundsel (q.v.) and closely related to the garden Cineraria (q.v.). It derives its name from its much-divided, rather fleshy leaves. It grows three or four feet high, with a corymbose inflorescence, a foot or more across, of numerous radiate gold-yellow capitula, and, as it occurs socially on waste ground, it is very effective.

“If we would hold the true course in love, our first step must be to turn our eyes not to man, the sight of whom might oftener produce hatred than love, but to God, who requires that the love which we bear to him be diffused among all mankind, so that our fundamental principle must ever be, Let a man be what he may, he is still to be loved because God is loved.”
–Calvin, Institutes