Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Radnor, the name of an inland county of South Wales, having an area of 432 square miles, and being bounded N. by Montgomery, S. by Brecknock, W. by Cardigan, and E. by Hereford and Shropshire. The chief river is the Wye, noted for its picturesque scenery; the Teme, the Lugg, and the Ithon, are smaller streams. Though the district possesses mineral resources, they are not considered worth the expense of working. Presteign is the present capital, having taken the place of New Radnor, a decayed borough, which is now grouped with other villages to send one member to Parliament, the county also returning one.

“Not a drop of rain falls in the sandy desert or on the barren rock, however useless it may seem to be, that is not seen to be of value by God, and that is not designated to accomplish some important purpose there.”
–Albert Barnes, Notes, Job 38:26