Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Quinet, Edgar (1803-75), the friend of Michelet and Cousin, was born at Bourg, in the department of Ain. His first book, Les Tablettes du Juif Errant, was published when he was only 17. Two years later hee translated Herder's Philosophy of History. He travelled in Germany, Italy, and England in his early years, when he also wrote poems. In 1838 appeared his Examen de la Vie de Jesus, in which he pointed out the shortcomings of Strauss. His own religious feeling was revealed in his Lyons lectures, which were published under the title of Du Genie des Religions, in 1842, and in his attacks on the Jesuits. His lectures at the College de France so excited the public mind that they were prohibited by Government in 1846. Quinet took part in the revolution of '48 and represented Ain in the Assembly; but after the coup d'etat had to live in Belgium and Switzerland. Returning to Paris in 1870, he sat in the National Assemblies at Bordeaux and Versailles, and signalised himself by his patriotic speeches. Besides the books mentioned, he wrote Histoire de mes Idees (1860) and several historical and imaginative works.