Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Quarles, Francis (1592-1644), the quaint religious poet, was a native of Essex. He held the offices of secretary to Archbishop Ussher and chronologer to the City of London. He had no less than eighteen children. His chief poetical work was Divine Emblemes (1635), to which was added in 1638 Hieroglyphikes of the Life of Man: Solomon's Recantation. The Enchiridion, containing aphoristic essays and meditations, was his most popular prose-work.

“What a blessed condition is a true believer in! When he dies, he goes to God; and while he lives, everything shall do him good. Affliction is for his good. What hurt does the fire to the gold? It only purifies it.”
–Thomas Watson, A Divine Cordial