Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Primula, the typical genus of the gamopetalous order Primulacese, comprising about fifty perennial herbaceous species. They have umbellate inflorescences; radical leaves; regular five-lobed calyces and corollas, Ave included epipetalbus stamens opposite the corolla-lobes; a capitate stigma; simple style; one-chambered ovary, with many-ovuled free central placenta; and a capsule splitting above into ten teeth. A few species occur in North America. P. japonica (with many-tiered umbels), P. sinensis of China, the cowslip-like P. sikkimensis of the Himalayas, the auricula (P. Auricula), primrose (q.v.), cowslip (q.v.), and oxlip are familiar forms.