Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the name assumed by several young painters and sculptors who, towards the middle of the present century, revolted against the current conventionalism in art and determined to seek for inspiration in a close study of nature. The movement was probably due in larger measure to William Holman Hunt (q.v.) than to his younger associates John Everett Millais (q.v.) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti (q.v.), who owed much - especially the latter - both to his precept and example. The name Pre-Raphaelite was chosen because the founders of the school considered that in his later years Raphael sought to model his style on that of Michel-angelo and Leonardo da Vinci without an independent study of nature, thereby departing from the example of his immediate predecessors.