Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Portland. 1. A city and port in Maine, United States, America, situated on Casco Bay, 108 miles N.E. of Boston, with which it is connected by rail. Standing on a peninsula and possessing an excellent harbour, seldom closed by ice, it is an important centre of trade and passenger traffic between Europe and North America, and also between the neighbouring ports. Founded in 1632, it has developed into a fine city, with broad streets and handsome public buildings. Locomotive-building, sugar-refining, and the tinning of fish and other produce are the chief industries. 2. The chief city of Oregon, United States, America, stands on the W. bank of the Williamette river, 50 miles N. of Salem. Though dating only from 1845, it is now a large and prosperous place owing to its position as the centre of the railway system connecting the surrounding states with the Northern and Union Pacific railroads. Wheat, flour, canned salmon, and lumber are the chief exports; and the imports include most European products required by settlers in the Far West.