Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Pool, a game played by an unrestricted number of players upon a billiard table. It is played with a white and many coloured balls, which are drawn by the different players; the white ball is spotted, and the holder of red plays upon white, and the remaining colours in order upon each other, according to their succession upon a board in the room; each player starts with three lives. If the player hits the ball he plays upon and holes it, the owner of that ball loses a life; if the player gives a miss, or holes his own ball, he loses a life. The first to lose three lives has the opportunity of starring, i.e. he may buy a fresh supply of lives, not exceeding the smallest number of lives remaining in the pool. When two players only remain, it is usual for them to divide the pool. There are several varieties of the game.