Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Poker, a round game of cards, played with a full pack of thirty-two, and forming a variety of the game of Brag. The dealer distributes five cards to each player, and the eldest hand deposits a stake called ante. Each player may discard and take fresh cards, and the second player may pass, and throw up, or, if the eldest hand has declared ante good, chip to fill, i.e. stake a sum equal to ante, or, if ante is not good, a stake double the ante. Then each player in order may see the raise, or go better. If one remains in alone, he takes the pool; if there are several equal, the hand is called, and the player on left of the caller shows his cards. The hands are then shown out, the scoring points being a straight flush, fours, full, flush, straight, triplets, two pairs, one pair, highest card. There are several varieties of the game.