Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Philopoemen (252-183 B.C.), general of the Achaean League, was born at Megalopolis. After taking part in the civil wars of Crete, he was in 210 placed at the head of the Achaean cavalry, and two years later became strategos or commander-inchief of the League, His victory over the Spartan tyrant Machanidas at Mantinea (208) secured for Greece a period of peace which lasted several years. In his subsequent struggle with Nabis, the successor of Machanidas, he gained such advantages that in 188 the Spartans were compelled to pull down their walls and accept the laws of the Achseans in place of those of Lycurgus. Named strategos for the eighth time in 183, he rose from a sick bed to suppress a revolt of the Messenians, but was taken prisoner, thrown into a dungeon, and forced to drink the poisoned cup.