Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Peterthe Hermit

Peter the Hermit (circa 1050-1115), .the preacher of the First Crusade, was born of a good family at Amiens. In his youth he served as an officer under the Count of Boulogne. After his wife's death he became a monk, and finally retired to a hermitage. The statement that his zeal on behalf of the Crusade was inspired by a visit to Palestine about 1093 is now denied by competent authorities. It is even said that his share in the enterprise was confined to the part he played as leader of the first irregular body of some 10,000 men. He did not distinguish himself at the siege of Antioch (1097), where force was required to prevent him from fleeing from the camp. He died in a monastery founded by himself at Huy near Liege.