Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Perforata. (1) A subdivision of the Foraminifera, including those in which the "test" or shell is perforated by a large number of pores through which pass the "pseudopodia" or tentacle-like expansions of the body substance. The three main families are the Lagenidce, Globigerinidcc, and Nuvimnlinidce. (2) One of the three sub-orders of the order Madreporaria, or true corals, so called owing to the porous nature of the skeleton or corallum. It includes the most specialised of existing corals. There are three main families: the Poritidce, including many massive forms composed of spongy tissue; the Eupsammidcc, a group of branching tree-like corals; and the Madreporidcc, including the common "stag's-horn coral," and others of the best known members of the order.