Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Paris Louis Philippe

Paris, Louis Philippe, Comte de, grandson of King Louis Philippe and son of the Duc d'Orleans, was born in 1838. He lived chiefly in England- until 1871, and then returned to his French estates, which had been restored to him. In 1873, at Frohsdorf, he agreed that his claims to the French crown should give way to those of the Comte de Chambord; and when in 1883 the representative of the elder line of the Bourbons died, all the Legitimists acknowledged him as head of the House. Three years later he retired again to England, in consequence of a decree of expulsion passed by the French Chambers. In 1888 he issued a manifesto in favour of revision. He is author of several economical works. He died in 1894.