Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Palm a. (1) One of the Canary Islands, lying to the extreme N.W. of the group, is 33 miles long by 15 broad, having the volcanic peak of Roque (8,426 feet) in the centre. The steep sides of the mountains are densely wooded with timber, which is used for shipbuilding, and the lower districts about the coast produce wine, sugar, almonds, fruits, honey, wax. Fish also abounds. Chief town, Santa Cruz. (2) The capital of Majorca. Balearic Islands, lies in a bay between Capes Blanco and Figuern, on the S.W. coast. A mole half a mile in length enables vessels of large size to discharge cnrgoes, and is commanded by a fort. The cathedral is a fine Gothic building, begun in 1230, with a graceful spire. The Exchange (1426) has even greater merits, and among other interesting old structures are the Governor's palace, the General Hospital, the town-hall, and the various colleges.