Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Outram, James, Lieutekant-General Sir (1803-63), was born in Derbyshire, and educated at Aberdeen. In 1819 he went to India as a cadet. In 1828 he subdued, and then trained to discipline the Bheels. In 1838 he took part in the Afghan War, and was present at the capture of Khelat, and in 1840 made a daring ride in disguise through the enemy's country. After distinguishing himself in several posts both military and civil, during which time he came into collision with Napier, who gave him the title of "Bayn.rd of India," he went to Persia, and finished his campaign in three months. During the Indian Mutiny he went with Sir Colin Campbell to the relief of Lucknow, and here showed his nobleness of character by waiving his rank and fighting under Havelock. For his services he was made baronet, G.C.B., and lieutenant-general; the state of his health prevented further active service.