Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Oudinot Charles Nicholas

Oudinot, Charles Nicholas (1767-1847), a French general, entered the military service for a time, and then after retirement returned to it as commander of Volunteers in 1791. He soon distinguished himself, and was general of division in 1799. He was in favour with Massena, and did good service in Italy, especially at the battle of Mincio. Later Napoleon put him in command of his advance guard, and be again distinguished himself in the campaign against Austria and Prussia, especially at Wagram, being made Marshal of France and Duke of Reggio in reward. He led the retreat from Moscow. After this he retired, but returned to the service in 1814. At Napoleon's fall he joined the Royalists, and was made peer of France. In 1842 he was appointed Governor of the Hotel des Invalides, retaining the post till death. His son (1791-1863) was a general in the French army.