Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Otho I

Otho I. Marcus Salvius, Roman Emperor (32-69), was a friend of Nero and a companion of his debauchery. Otho is said to have bought the proconsulship of Lusitania, which he held for some time, with his wife, Poppasa Sabina, whom he introduced to Nero's notice. In 67 he declared for Galba against Nero, and he helped to murder Galba in 69, becoming himself emperor. He did not reign long, since the army in Germany sided with Vitellius, and after some reverses finally defeated the forces of Otho, who then committed suicide. 2. Otho (Otto), commonly called "the Great (912-973), was the son of Henry I., on whose death in 936 he was elected King of Germany. His life was largely taken up with wars, the first of these being a war of 14 years against Boleslas of Bohemia, whom he compelled to embrace Christianity. He then defeated the Dukes of Bavaria and Franconia, and repulsed the Danes. In 931 he aided the Italians against the usurper Berengar II., and was crowned King of Lombardy. He was next beset by family revolts, which he repressed, and, after overcoming the Hungarians, reappeared in Italy, of which he was crowned king in 961, being crowned Roman Emperor by the Pope in 962. His later years were employed in worsting the Greek Emperor, who had refused to acknowledge his title.