Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Oroks (Oeokos), a people of the island of Sakhalin, east coast of Manchuria, occupy the northern and central districts, contingent southwards on the Ainu, who are the true aborigines of the island. The Oroks are a branch of the Tungus, with pronounced Mongolic features and a language closely related to that of the Olchas (Oltas) of the neighbouring mainland, whence they appear to have emigrated at an unknown date. They dwell in sugar-loaf huts, and live by fishing and hunting, pursuing the reindeer, which they have learnt to tame, using it both as a mount and pack animal. Since the occupation of Sakhalin by the Russians the Oroks have been greatly reduced, and in 1892 scarcely numbered more than 400. (Veniukoff.)