Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Orleans (Orleans), a celebrated French city, is in the department of Loiret, on the right bank of the river Loire. It was formerly the capital of the province of Orleannais. Here, in 52 B.C., the Gauls rose against Julius Csesar; and the place was afterwards besieged by Attila (451 A.D.), by the Northmen twice in the 9th century, and by the English under Bedford in 1428-29, when it was delivered by Jeanne D'Arc (q.v.). It was captured by the Germans in 1870 and recaptured by the French, who, however, again lost it after the defeat of the Army of the Loire in December. Among its notable buildings are the cathedral, the Musee, which was formerly the town-hall, and the Mairie, a 16thcentury 6difi.ce. There are three statues of the Maid of Orleans. A large forest covers the surrounding country. Orleans has many commercial advantages; market-gardening is the chief industry.