Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Omaguas, South American aborigines on the left bank of the Marahon (Upper Amazons), within Peruvian territory as far as the Itaya confluence north of the Cocoma and Iquito tribes. Although half-civilised, the Omaguas still retain the formerly widespread custom of artificially modifying the shape of the skull by compressing it during infancy between wooden boards. The Omaguas are descendants of the historical Anahuacas, who during the first period of the Spanish conquest were reported to be a rich nation with a great and wealthy capital, residence of the fabled El Dorado (" The Golden One"). At present they are disappearing, and very few full-blood Omaguas are now met with; the half-breeds are distinguished by round flabby features, with a heavy inanimate expression.