Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ollivier, Smile, born at Marseilles in 1825, was called to the Paris bar, and joined the revolutionary party in 1848, when he obtained an official position under the Republic. In 1857 he entered the Chamber, and won high reputation as an independent and able politician. In 1866 M.

Ollivier broke with the Left, and formulated a policy whereby all moderate men should be united under a progressive and conciliatory Imperial programme. To attempt the realisation of this dream he was admitted to office at the critical period of 1870. The fatal issue of the' battle of Worth hurled the Ollivier Cabinet from power. He himself retired for a couple of years into Italy, but returned in 1872, and has since devoted himself exclusively to literature. He is the author of several legal text-books and sundry political volumes.