Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Okotas, a widespread people of the Ogoway basin, west Equatorial Africa, who originally occupied the right bank of that river; but about 1870 they were attacked and dispersed in all directions by the fierce Ossyebas (Fans), and are now found in small groups scattered over a vast area, though still most numerous in the islands of the Ogoway about the Njole rapids. The neighbouring Yalibongos (Alimbongos) and the Bakotas, who dwell higher up near the Sebe confluence, appear to be all members of the Okota family, some of whom have also been met with in the forest districts watered by the Ivindo river. Since the destruction of their plantations by the Ossyebas, the Okotas live mainly on roots and fruits, especially the large green dika berry, which is very nutritious, with a taste like cacao.