Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Odonata, the order of insects which includes the Dragon-flies (q.v.). O'Donnell, Henry Joseph, was born in 1769 in Spain, and, entering the army, had attained the rank of general when, in 1810, he received a command in Catalonia. He distinguished himself, and became a field-marshal with the title of count. Ferdinand VII. retained his services. His conduct during the French invasion of 1823 brought him under suspicion, and he fled to Limoges, where he died in 1834. Leopold, his second son, was born at Teneriffe in 1809, and, at the outset of his military career, attached himself to Queen Christina, whom he accompanied in exile. In 1843 he succeeded after several previous attempts in ousting Espartero from power, and was rewarded by the governorship of Cuba. In 1854 he was Minister for War under Espartero, but plotted against him, and in 1856 was for a few months Prime Minister. He returned to power in 1858, headed the Morocco expedition, and was created Duke of Tetuan. From 1863 to 1865 he was out of office; not long after his final success he found himself baffled by Narvaez. He died at Bayonne 1867.