Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Odoacer, or Odovacae, the son of a Hun or possibly a Goth, was born about 434 A.D., and entered the imperial service about 464. In 476, having attained high rank, he headed his countrymen in a revolt against the boy Augustulus and became emperor, though recognised only as patrician. Fear of his greatness probably induced Zeno, the Eastern Emperor, to direct against him the Ostrogothic hordes under Theodoric, who defeated him in several battles, besieged him in Ravenna and, under the pretence of a peaceful meeting, murdered him in cold blood (493), and exterminated his family.

“Did Christ love you without any motive to draw His love, then will you not love Christ, in whom there are so many motives to draw your love?”
–Thomas Vincent, The True Christian's Love┬áto the Unseen Christ