Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Nureel Din Mahmud

Nur eel-Din Mahmud, Malek al Adel (1117-73), was born at Damascus, and in 1145 succeeded his father, Omad ed-Din Zenghi, who had rebelled against the Seljuks, as sultan of north Syria. Nur ed-Din made Aleppo his capital, and gradually extended his dominions, repelling the 3rd Crusade and seizing the Christian fiefs in Syria. Damascus, a Seljuk possession which was virtually independent, fell into his hands in 1153. His designs on Egypt were forestalled by his nephew Saladin (q.v.), and war between the two would probably have ensued if the life of Nur ed-Din had been prolonged. He was an enlightened ruler, who endeavoured to promote the welfare of his subjects.