Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Nupe, a large and formerly powerful Negro nation, whose territory extends along the left bank of the Niger from above the Benue confluence to the Bussa Rapids, about 10° N. lat. The old Nupe kingdom was overthrown about 1825 by M'allam Dendo, nephew of Osman dan Fodyo, founder of the Fulah empire of Sokoto. Since that time most of the Nupe people, formerly pagans, have become Mohammedans, and their Emir (prince), a, de scendant of Dendo, is one of the most powerful vassals of Sokoto. He favours British interests above those of all other Europeans in the Niger basin, and has recently accepted the protectorate of the Royal Niger Company with the sanction of the paramount ruler of Sokoto. The Nupe, a branch of the widespread Yoruba race (q.v.), are a peaceful, industrious people, occupied in trade and agriculture, skilled weavers, blacksmiths, and potters. Bida, capital of their principality, though of recent foundation, is one of the great cities of west Africa.