Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Napier Sir Charles James

Napier, Sir Charles James (1782-1853), entered the army at an early age, and was aide-de-camp to Sir James Duff during the Irish Rebellion. In 1803 he was captain in the 50th Foot, and as major was wounded and made prisoner at Corunna. In 1811 he was wounded at Busaco, and afterwards took part in the American War, returning to Europe just too late to be present at Waterloo. After other employments, he was sent in 1841 to command as major-general in the Bombay Presidency. It was at this period that he made his famous conquest of Scinde, after which he became Governor of the new province. He was devoted to Lord Ellenborough, who had appointed him, and after the latter's recall took an early opportunity of resigning his post. In 1849 he was again in India as commander-in-chief, but a difficulty with Lord Dalhousie caused him to throw up this, the last of his public employments.