Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Myna, Mynah, any bird of the Indian genus Acridotheres of the Starling family. The bill is short, strong, and slightly rounded at the ridge; the powerful feet have strong toes; the tail is round, and the head more or less crested. A. tristis, the Common Myna, is about 10 inches long, with black and brown plumage, with some white on the wings, tail, and under-surface. These birds feed on insects, fruit, and grain, and prefer the neighbourhood of towns and villages to wooded places. They are frequently kept as pets, and are said to excel parrots in imitating the human voice. The same has been said of birds of the allied genus Gracula (Linn.), in which the head bears yellow wattles behind the ears. They also are called Mynas. G. religiosa is fairly common as a cage-bird in Britain.