Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Mycense, a most ancient city of Greece, said to have been founded by Perseus on a crag to the N.E. of Argolis, in the Peloponnesus, was in the Homeric period the capital of that country and the home of Agamemnon. The existing remains, fully explored by Schliemann and Tsoundas, reveal interesting traces of Cyclopean and Achaian architecture, such as the Gate of Lions and the Treasury of Atreus. Vases, weapons, personal ornaments of gold, death-masks, and other relics of primitive civilisation have been found by the excavators, most of thera showing a closer affinity to Oriental than to Greek art. The city was destroyed by the Argives as early as 468 B.C., and has never since been inhabited.