Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Mullet, any fish of the type-genus Mugil, Acanthopterygian family Mugilidas, in which the body is compressed and has no lateral line. There are about 70 species from the coasts of tropical and temperate seas, and many live in brackish water. They feed on the organic matters in mud and sand, the top of the gullet being modified to form a kind of sieve. These fish, popularly known as grey mullets, from their coloration, are used for food, some of the estuarine species being esteemed. Dr. Giinther suggests that it would be profitable to rear them in artificial backwaters for the market. M. capito is the common grey mullet, and other species occur on our coasts. Red mullets belong to the genus Mullus, the type of a family allied to the Perches, and having many species, mostly tropical. The European species (M. barbatus) occurs on our southern coasts, and is highly valued as a delicate food-fish. The male is smaller than the female, which was formerly described as a distinct species (M. surmuletus), and is popularly known as the surmullet.