Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Muller Karl Otfried

Muller, Karl Otfried, born in 1797, and educated at Breslau and Berlin under Boeckh, showed a strong taste for Greek literature, publishing, in 1817, his first work, AEgineticorum Liber, which gained him an appointment at Breslau, whence he passed in 1819 to Gottingen as professor of archeology. Muller's idea of reconstructing a mental picture of Greek civilisation was carried out in a very able series of books, of which his Dorians, Orchomenos and the Minyans, Etruscans, Prolegomena to Scientific Mythology, and History of the Literature of Ancient Greece are the most widely known. In 1839 he obtained leave to go on a tour in Greece, and, whilst excavating at Delphi in 1840, caught fever, of which he died.