Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Mozambique, the name of a Portuguese province on the eastern coast of Africa, extending from Cape Delgado to Delagoa Bay. Mashonaland and the Transvaal Republic touch it on the west. The country is watered by the Rovuna, the lower waters of the Zambesi, the Sabia and the Limpopo. The soil is rich; and maize, cotton, rice, sesame, and indiarubber are grown. The last-named, with ivory and ground-nuts, is exported. Minerals of all kinds exist, but little is done to obtain them; and the same is true of the pearls which abound on the coast. Customs duties are very heavy. The province of Mozambique is under a governor-general and two councils, and the nine districts have each a subordinate governor. Chief towns, Quilimane, Lourenco, Marques, and Mozambique. The last named, situated on a coral island, has a fort (built by Albuquerque), cathedral, and Government-house. It was once a great centre of the slave-trade.