Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Moravia (Mahren), a province of Austria-Hungary, is situated between Bohemia and Hungary, having Silesia on the N. and Lower Austria on the S. It has an area of 8,579 square miles. The Slavonian inhabitants were subjected by Charlemagne, and Christianity was introduced in the 9th century. In the 11th century Moravia formed one territory with Bohemia, which its duke had conquered. After the battle of Mohacz (1526) it came into the possession of the house of Austria; but it was not until 1849 that it became a separate province. Moravia is surrounded by mountains, and is well watered by numerous streams. From its fertile soil good crops of rye and oats, wheat and barley, and several fruits are produced; and there is also some excellent pasture, on which good breeds of cattle are reared. Coal and iron are found, and several manufactures flourish. Slavs form the bulk of the population, and the immense majority of the people are Romam Catholics. Briinn and Olmiitz are the chief towns.