Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Montauban (Moxs Albanus), a French town, capital of the department Tarn and Garonne, on the Tarn, and 342 miles south-west of Paris. It is on a table-land surrounded by the Tarn and the Tescon. It is well built, and contains a cathedral, a bishop's palace, and a town-hall. It was formerly a stronghold of the Huguenots, having been besieged in 1580 and 1621, and finally taken by Richelieu in 1629. when its walls were demolished. There is still a Protestant academy and theological college. The chief productions are silk cloths, cloths, colours, porcelain, starch, and candles, and there are spinning-mills, dye-works, and potteries.