Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Mole Matthiett Louis

Mole, Matthiett Louis, Comte (1781-1855), a French statesman, whose ancestors had taken an important part in the disturbances of the Fronde, and whose father was President of Parliament in 1788. The son came to Paris after the Revolution, and made his debut by an Essai de Morale et de Politique. Having defended Napoleon's Government, he was made Master of Requests, and in 1813 count and cabinet minister. Louis XVIII. made him peer of France and Minister of Marine in 1815, and under Louis Philippe he was for a time at the head of Foreign Affairs. In 1836 he became Prime Minister. In 1836 he failed to get elected to the Assembly, and retired into private life, to come once more to the front through election to the Assembly after the Revolution of 1848.