Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Moghul (properly Mughal), the Arabic, Persian. and Indian form of Mongol, applied especially to the chief Mongolian tribe in the Chagatai steppe, thence known as Moghulistan. Later the term passed into India with Sultan Baber, who, as a descendant of Jenghis Khan, was a reputed Mongol, and founder of the Moghul Empire; but his descendants, the "Great Moghuls," had very little Mongol blood in their veins, while most of his followers were rather of Turki (Tartar) than Mongol descent. Of the Chagatai Moghuls the chief divisions were the Doghlats, Khiras, Konchi, Begchaks, and Tekrits, now best represented by the Uzbegs of Bokhara. [Chagatai.]