Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Miscarriage, the premature expulsion of the ovum occurring during the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh months of pregnancy. If pregnancy is interrupted and the ovum expelled during the first three months, the term abortion (q.v.) is used to denote suchoccurrence, while the expression premature labour is employed to designate the expulsion of the contents of the womb after the seventh, and before the ninth month of pregnancy. Any cause which produces death of the foetus leads to miscarriage; such causes are injury, disease of the decidua or of the fcetal appendages, and separation of the decidua from the uterine walls. Again, miscarriage may result from a diseased condition primarily affecting the mother, such as certain fevers, syphilis, anaemia, etc. The symptoms of a threatened abortion or miscarriage are pain and haemorrhage. If these symptoms occur in the course of pregnancy absolute rest in the recumbent position should be at once enforced, and professional advice procured without delay. Treatment of inevitable abortion is, of course, a matter for the medical attendant.