Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Michigan, one of the United States of America, is divided from Canada by Lakes Superior and Huron, and from Wisconsin by Lake Michigan. On the south and south-east are Indiana, Ohio, and Lake Erie. Its area is a little more than that of England and Wales, much the larger part of yvhich is the southern of the two peninsulas which make up the state. The surface of the state is generally flat, but in the northern peninsula there is a range of hills, the highest point of which reaches 1,800 feet. This upper part is, generally speaking, rocky and barren, but rich in minerals; in the lower, wheat and other cereals, and in the western part fruits are grown. The copper mines of Keweenaw, the extreme northern part of Michigan, are the best in the world; in the centre of Lower Michigan coal is found in abundance, but not of good quality.

Most of the iron comes from Marquette county. and of the gypsum from Grand Rapids. Small quantities of gold, silver, and lead are also found in the upper peninsula. Salt and timber come after copper and iron as the chief products of Michigan. Building and other stones abound, and there are several mineral springs. The commerce of Michigan is conducted by means of three ship canals, two of which are on the neck of land between Lakes Superior and Huron, and the other on the Keweenaw peninsula. Much wool is sent, to market. Michigan is divided into 84 counties, the chief towns being Detroit, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Bay City, and Lansing, the capital. The state university is at Ann Arbor; the state prisons at Jackson and Marquette. Education is in an advanced state, and there are many technical schools.