Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Metternich, Clemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Prinz von, was born in 1773 at Coblenz. After studying at Strasburg and Mainz, he travelled in England and Holland, and on his return married as his first wife, the granddaughter of Kaunitz. He made his mark as a diplomatist at the Congress of Rastadt in 1798, where he represented the Westphalian nobles. His conduct of the negotiations with Prussia in 1803-5 further enhanced his reputation, and in 1806 he was appointed Austrian ambassador at the Court of France. He succeeded in lulling Napoleon while Austria was preparing for the campaign of 1809, after which he became Foreign Minister and Chancellor. He now thought it necessary for the interests of his master that Maria Louisa should marry Napoleon, and for the next few years Austria occupied a strong position owing to his diplomacy. Metternich was now created Prince of the Empire. In 1826 he became Home Minister in Austria, and as such put down the slightest tendencies towards liberalism. After 1830 his influence outside Germany declined, though in Austria he continued his repressive policy; but in 1848 be was obliged not only to resign office but to leave his country. Till 1851 he lived chiefly in England and Belgium. He died in 1859.