Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Metellus. The name of an ancient Roman family of the Caecilian clan. (1) Lucius Caecilius was twice consul, and in 224 B.C. dictator. He won the battle of Panormus in the first Punic War, and in 241 B.C., when the temple of Vesta was on fire, saved the Palladium. For the latter service his statue was erected in the Capitol. He died in 221 B.C. (2) Quintus Caecilius, surnamed Numidicus, was the ablest of his family. Consul in 109 B.C., he had Numidia as his province, and carried on the war against Jugurtha. He headed the aristocratic party at Rome against Marius and Saturninus, and was expelled the senate in 100 and exiled to Rhodes. On his return to Rome he was received with enthusiasm.