Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Mendoza, a province and its capital in the Argentine Confederation, South America. The former has an area of 54,000 square miles, mostly level except in the W., where it runs up to the Andes, which separate it from Chili. It is drained by the river Mendoza, flowing N. for 200 miles and discharging itself into Lake Guanacache. The soil, though sandy, produces wheat, maize, wine, and various fruits. Silver is mined to some extent, and the breeding of mules adds to the general resources.

Mendoza, the capital, stands on a high plateau close to the Andes, and 150 miles N.E. of Valparaiso. It is a considerable depot for trans-continental trade, but has suffered much from earthquakes, especially in 1861.