Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Medina, or El-Medina (" the City"), sacred to Mussulmans as the place to which Mohammed fled from Mecca, and in which he lies buried, occupies a hollow in a plateau forming part of the range that flanks Arabia on the W. It is in the Hijaz, about 250 miles N. of Mecca. Strong walls, with handsome gates, surround the city proper, which is well built, clean, and supplied with abundant water. The Mosque of the Prophet (El Haran) is in the eastern quarter, and contains the grave of Mohammed, with those of Abubekr and Omar on either side, and that of Fatima close at hand. The hut of Ayesha, in which the teacher died, is supposed to have stood on this spot, and it was outside the original mosque in which he preached. The present building is the result of many additions.