Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Mc Culloch

McCulloch, John, M.D., F.R.S., F.G.S. (1773-1835), geologist, mineralogist, chemist, and physician, member of a good Scotch family of Cardoness, Kirkcudbrightshire, was born in Guernsey, taught at Plympton, Penzance, and Lostwithiel; studied medicine in Edinburgh, and gained his diploma in 1791. In 1795 he became assistant-surgeon in the Artillery, and in 1803 he was appointed chemist to the Ordnance. From 1807 to 1811 he practised as physician at Blackheath, after which he was employed until 1832 in various mineralogical and geological surveys of Scotland. He then became lecturer in chemistry and geology in the East India Company's military college at Addiscombe. He died in consequence of a carriage accident very soon after his marriage. Dr. McCulloch published four large geological works, two medical works, and a Treatise on the Art of Making Wines (1821).

on Loch Shiel, Argyllshire, was the son of a clergyman. He was intended for the Church or the bar, and for this purpose attended Glasgow University for some terms. When still young he married, and then wandered about for some years teaching and catechising under the patronage of the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge. Later on he became a Roman Catholic and an avowed supporter of the Chevalier. He held a commission in the Highland army (1745), and helped by his songs and addresses to rouse the clans. After the battle of Culloden he kept in hiding for some time, and then settled on a farm in Weigneig, where he published his poems (1751) under the title Ais-eiridh na Seam Chanoin Albannaich. This caused his expulsion from his farm, and he went to Arisaig, where he died.