Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Max Muller Friedrich

Max Muller, Friedrich, philologist, was born in 1823 at Dessau, where his father was ducal librarian. Educated at Leipzig, where he graduated in 1843, he devoted himself to Sanskrit, and published the Hitopadesa in 1844. He then visited Berlin, Paris, and England in search of material, and was commissioned by the East India Company to bring out his edition of the Rig Veda (1847). In 1850 and 1854 he was appointed to chairs at Oxford, and in 1858 became fellow of All Souls', since when his life has been chiefly identified with Oxford. Among his many works, perhaps the best-known are Chips from a German Workshop and the Science of Language. Other works are Science of Religion and Natural Religion.