Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Maury Jean Sipprein

Maury, Jean Sipprein (1746-1817), French Cardinal and Archbishop of Paris, and opponent of Mirabeau, whose rival he was in eloquence. He took orders at Avignon, and came into notice through an eloge on Fenelon. In 1772 he published an Essai sur I' Eloquence de la Chairc and later Principes d'Eloge. In 1781 he was appointed court preacher, and in 1785 was elected to the Academy. In 1792 he became an emigre, and went to Rome, where he was looked on as a martyr and was created Cardinal. He afterwards courted Napoleon, and was made Archbishop of Paris, but at the Bourbon restoration was sent to Rome, and was imprisoned in St. Angelo.