Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Massowah, a town on a coral island off the W. coast of the Red Sea. lat. 15°36'N. and long. 39°28'W. The town is in the W. of the island, which is only half a mile long, and is connected by a causeway, 1,610 yards long. The climate is hot and unhealthy, but Massowah is next to Suakim in importance as a Red Sea trading-place. The chief industries are the gathering of pearls and mother-of-pearl, some weaving, and fishing, and the exports are pearl, mother-of-pearl, skins, gums, ivory, wax, and gold. The island was given by Turkey to Egypt in 1866, and was occupied by Italy in 1885. The natives are of the Ethiopian race.